A Corral for the Colt - carrying case

A friend of mine needed a case for his .38 colt special. His old leather case had duct tape all over it and a broken zipper. I offered to make him a wooden case, hesitant at first, he said OK. He didn’t want it bulky or too fancy. Just something to keep it in. Working with him a bit, we came up with this.
I have some cherry wood from a couple logs I sawed up and wanted to use it (pic 4). I matched up the 4 sides as best I could and selected a couple nice pieces for the top and bottom raised panel. The framed dark wood on top and bottom is bamboo.
This is also my first attempt at a wooden hinge. Our LJ buddy Jerry has been posting his invisible hinge on some of his projects lately and caught my eye. I wanted to try it out. A few questions later and Jerry had me on my way.
This is not completely a invisible hinge but I left some stock on it to act as a footing to stand the case on end and by adding a second dowel rod for balance. (pic 5) Thanks Jerry for all the help. Hinge wood is walnut.
I lined it with kaizen foam on the bottom and added green felt on top. It’s 12’’ x 7’’ x 3’’. Finished with satin lacquer and waxed.
He loves it and that made me happy.

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