Acquiring vintage tools through the mail can be aggravating– and also costly if the seller does not enable you to return the thing.

My preferred way to get age devices is– hands down– personally and at a conference of the Mid-West Device Collectors Association. If you need devices and can not get new ones, join this wonderful organization and go to a local meeting. Trouble solved.

This factor was made pointier this week when I needed to change my hand drill– I provided my age reliable one to a pal who really did not have one and really did not have accessibility to a device fulfill.

“No trouble,” I believed at the time. “I’ll select another hand drill up on eBay.”

One of the multiple oil ports on the Millers Falls drill.

So I got a great Millers Falls drill for $ 20. Sweet cocobolo takes care of. Perfectly cast frame. It is among the models that everyone loves. And also the vendor said all the right things.

Yes, the chuck functions and has its springs.

Yes, the chuck closes tight.

Nope, no wobble in equipments. Runs smooth.

Of those statements, just one became true (the chuck’s mandibles close limited). The drill’s transmission was iced up. The chuck’s springtimes were nowhere to be located and the mandibles tumbled around like dead dolphins. I invested this morning attempting to scavenge various other pieces from my parts bin. But to be honest, this drill is really ragged out. After cleaning and oiling the oil ports and tightening points up as ideal I can, it still runs like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


The $ 6 Defiance Drill
While repairing that Millers Falls drill, I had job to do, and so I got a Stanley Defiance hand drill that a fellow woodworker had actually contributed to my pupils. The drill ended up being surplus for the pupils, and also so I sntached it in a pinch.

Two mins with the drill informed me it was a victor. Smooth transmission. Flawlessly working chuck. Little or no wobble with the limited gears.

The chuck on the Stanley drill. It closes well enough.

Yet this was one of Stanley’s low-end hand drills (model 1221). It has beech deals with, one oil port and a fundamental chuck. What gives?

Likely it just really did not see much usage and also is still in a like-new as well as limited running problem– like discovering a 1970s Honda Civic with 5,000 miles on it.

The Millers Falls, on the other hand, was used to death.

It’s a factor worth considering as you acquire old devices. Absolutely nothing beats selecting them out face to face. And also sometimes the high-end devices aren’t the most effective ones.

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