A worth while track saw consideration

There are track saws, and there are track saws. For a $ 200 estimated price tag, this Grizzly T10687 does it’s job wonderfully. This is similar to Sheppach and other European clones of this economical track saw type, but is Grizzly 🙂 It has a riving knife, it plunges, 9 amp motor, dust port, has a 100% functional depth knob, no wobble in the track. All knobs are plastic, but that hard plastic, not the flimsy type. I can easily plunge it with one hand reaching across 4’ plywood panel. I would give it 5 stars, except the dust collection is average. The track itself is great and has 3 strip “gripper” material on the underside. You can get the accessory pack of clamps, but I have yet to really use them because those underside grippers work great. There are complaints the green sliding material is too close together (easily modified to relocate the strips) but I have not found a need to. Easily went to work on 3 4’x8’ 3/4” plywood this Sunday with no problems (I need a longer shop vac hose so did not use dust collection this time around). I am still using the Grizzly factory blade with I have had surprising good results. Always the option to swap out to Diablo’s later.
This is NOT a Festool or Dewalt or a $ 500 track saw. It is a $ 200 affordable track saw from Grizzly (plus $ 50+ for the track rail). My use of this tool is to break down sheet goods, not to rip 4/4 iron wood 🙂
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