All Star Performer

This is a review of the LU86 thin kerf 40 tooth general purpose blade. I have been using this blade for all rips and crosscuts, and I must say I’m quite impressed. For ripping I was mentally comparing it to my Freud 24 tooth dedicated ripping blade. It seemed to...
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DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. So bad that I think Arrow took it off the market. Will definitely NOT drive any length nail into pine (e.g. house trim) and certainly not into hardwoods (oak, etc.) Tried 2 of them… same result. Guy at Lowes says they got mostly...
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Lt 14 bx by Laguna

The day has come to upgrade , and after several months of research I decided to go with the Laguna Lt14BX bandsaw. First reason I went with this saw is motor size , this is a 2.5 hp motor on a 14” saw ! Second the fact that it can resaw 13” high boards,...
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Great book for ideas & inspiration

I just picked up this book for $ 25 yesterday at my local Rockler, and I must say it will be worth every penny. Just leafing through the pages while I was still in the store gave me at least a dozen ideas for new additions I can make to my shop to keep it running...
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#1 go-to tool

After two years these are still my most used hand tools. I even bought a second one so that one could be angled for getting into those pesky tight corners and other uses. They are a bit spendy up front at 30/35 dollars but more than pay for themselves over time. They...
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Drill Press Cabinet

Another chapter in the never ending story of the search for more shop storage. 3/4-inch plywood case and drawers, cherry drawer fronts, and an old re-purposed shelf for a top. Woodworking Projects at...
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A French Cleat Camera Mount

After having some issues with camera placement in my shop while video taping I came up with a camera mount that I can place almost anywhere on my walls. Using a spare tripod and some hardware I developed a French Cleat Camera Mount. This video also includes the steps...
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Excellent Lathe Fixture

I love my lathe … but I hate the built-in indexing system! Enter the Alisam Engineering Indexing System ( ) Here is what the manufacturer says about it: The system consists of a 10 inch, extensively laser...
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Great Value Pack at a decent price point

So I just purchased this drill from the Home Depot and it included a charger and 2 Lithium battery’s. I really like this drill and in the short time ive had this drill i have put it through it paces, I basically built 2 garden gates with a ton of screws on a...
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Great value cast bronze router kit from ebay.

I decided to build a router plane and went on ebay looking for a blade and instead came across this cast bronze kit from St. James Bay Tool Co. This model normally comes as part of a 2 router set for $ 85, but this single without handles was $ 25. I assume these were...
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