Heat Treating Heaven!

I like to build tools, but the most frustrating part is usually heat treating the parts that need it. I have been using MAPP gas, but with one of the old style brass torch heads. I have a 1 1/2” wide, 1/4” thick, 3 1/2” long iron that needs heat...
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The only WW machine I’ve regretted to date

-1 star for poor fit and finish-1 star for constant sensor failure-1 star for poor customer service I’m usually very happy with all the major woodworking machines I’ve bought, with the exception of my dust collector. It has been the biggest...
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I bought a SawStop JSS-MCA

I bought it today, after I found out that the Bosch REAXX GTS1041A isn’t going to be available for awhile yet, and I wanted to get a safer saw now, not whenever. The point of this post is to look at positive solutions you have come up with for MY alleged...
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Living room furnature

This is some furniture I made for our living room.I would rather build things we like and know how it’s built than to go out and spend big bucks on things that will only last 10 years if your lucky. My next projects are to build sliding shelves for our pantry...
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$15 Wooden Adjustable Alaskan Chainsaw Mill DIY Homemade

I couldn’t decide if this is a project or a review. So, review it is. I have been wanting an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill after being able to look at one that my friend had. It is the standard aluminum mill (brand not important). It was nice, adjustable, strong, well made,...
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powermatic PM-701, works great for me

Here’s my very first review, it’s about time I started giving back on this site. I’m building a four drawer chest that I’m working on through the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop. Actually I’m building two chests, one in the class and the...
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Grizzly “G0636X – 17 Inch Ultimate” Bandsaw Review

The first post to Lumberjocks was this review, which I posted in the Forum, Under Tools etc. It was recommended that I re-post this review in the Review section of Lumberjocks. Purchase. I have been woodworking as a hobby since 1985, but never owned a bandsaw – until...
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Best hand tool I have bought

Wow! This is one of the best tools I have ever bought. I flattened a 6 foot cherry board in less time than it took me to take the plane out of the box. This is the first scrub plane I have used so I don’t have much to compare it to other than my no 4 Stanley I...
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New Powermatic 14″ with Riser

I upgraded my old mid 50s Delta, it had some issues So I ordered this Saw from CPO, the Mobile base arrived in a big box with no packing at all, both the wheel locks were broken, I thought jeez hope the saw comes in better shape. And it did saw was packed very well in...
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Elm Wood Bowl

My lumberyard guy gave me elm wood that was laying around to try it out turning. It was my first time using elm wood and it turned out awesome! There were few cracks here and there but it shows a nice character. Woodworking Projects at...
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