Wicked Awesome Saw!

Ok. I apologize for the Bostonian title. It won’t happen again. Lol! So after about 6 months of research, looking at saws by going to tool dealers, Craigslist post, consignment shops and so on… I settled on the 36-725. My wife figured out the saw I wanted...
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Penn State 2 HP dust collector review

I noticed that there don’t seem to be any reviews about Penn State dust collectors on here, and being as I bought one over Christmas time 2015, here’s my review. 1) This machine is pretty high value for the price, in my opinion. I paid ~ $ 270, and another...
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Scroll Saw Stand (Video)

A scroll saw stand built out of birch and scraps. To watch the build video on my YouTube channel click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDQLb-IlSNI Woodworking Projects at...
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Wooden Rattle

Hi all LJ’s! Let’s share another easy woodturning project. I’m bring you a wooden rattle inspired by the classic carvers mallet. It’s made out of sucupira and sycamore wood and finished with food safe mineral oil and then a blended beeswax with...
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Not just a pen lathe

I purchased this lathe at Johnson’s lumber wood expo in Sept. I can’t tell you how much needed to be assembled as I got the last one and it was the show model. I just completed turning a segmented bowl and it worked great. It did slow down if I got too...
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Lt 14 bx by Laguna

The day has come to upgrade , and after several months of research I decided to go with the Laguna Lt14BX bandsaw. First reason I went with this saw is motor size , this is a 2.5 hp motor on a 14” saw ! Second the fact that it can resaw 13” high boards,...
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From a Pinto to a Ferrari

When you go from the planer like in the third picture to a newer model, there is going to be an obvious world of difference. After fifteen years of using my H&W planer which is to say been very good to me even with some of the finagaling i had to do some days to...
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Mitersaw cabinet with wheels and wings

This is the latest in my effort to have a workable and mobile shop. My miter saw has always been on a stand with dust collection. When I needed to cut long boards it had to be moved or whatever was in the way needed moved. I have seen several of these that folks had...
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1st. Opinion of grizzly 4 jaw chuck H6267 vicmark (vm100 copy)

So this is my early opinion of this grizzly chuck. Mine is the H6267 and has the 1 1/4”X 8tpi adapter included.This chuck is sold under several different part numbers, based on what adapter you need.I had read that it was a close enough copy to the vicmarc...
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Powermatic PJ-882HH 8-Inch Parallelogram Jointer & Mobile Base Review

Purchase Decision. Woodworking is a hobby in my 2 car commandeered garage. I thought it time to upgrade from my 6” Craftsman jointer with its 36” long bed. The Craftsman never let me down since the late 1980’s, continued to work well, and was a great entry level...
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