An Excellent Small Shop Unit

This is a non product spec hands on review.

In a few words, dump your harbor freight 2up unit and get this unit. Here’s why:

IT WORKS. Bether than I expected it to.

I needed a portable DC. I have a stationary 2hp unit and it works great. What I don’t like is the continual failure of the dust collection bin level alarm and it’s real tall, so making it portable may prove difficult. I tried to make my old hf 2hp unit with a super dust deputy portable, but again, not the best solution. So back to the shop vac and dust deputy combo for the small tools.

With the grizzly unit on sale for $ 675, it was expensive but I figured this would be a viable unit. I was a little aprehensive about the level of noise reported but since it was going to be used with old portable tools, the concern was mitigated. Since I have 6” piping with 4 ” drops to the stationary tools, I also figured this could be a good backup unit in the event the main unit fails.

Assembly was straight forward and I only found one error in the instructions and that was in the first paragraph about the wrench size. It stated a 3/8” wrench where you will need a 9/16”. Other than that, a neadanthral could put this together. If you can’t, sorry, you might want to grab a beer and have your wife put it together for you.

Now here is the gotcha: THE UNIT DOES NOT COME WITH A END OF THE POWER CORD!!!!!! I stress this because by default, they come configured 110vac. To convert to 240vac, it takes a 80 dollar power switch. No thanks. Again, either configuration has no end to plug into the wall even though the manual states to plug in the molded power plug into the wall. That really pissed me off because I had to drive 45 miles to town and get a 10 dollar plug end.

In the end, this DC can be a small shops primary unit. It works 10x better than my hf combo and almost as well as my $ 1800 primary unit.

This DC is going to live in the back 40 area of my shop and get moved around as needed. If I continue to have issues with my primary unit, I may buy a hepa filter and use it as my primary setup.

Last thing. The noise it creates. I guess I got a good unit. Mine does not make much more noise than the Oneida unit does. I know that the size of my shop plays into this and the 16’ walls play I to this as well. To me, it’s just as quiet as the hf unit if that matters.

I am no way associated with grizzly nor do I like wasting money. For the price this unit is, you might want to reconsider a hf cyclone unit with a good filter because you will be far better off spending 100 to 200 dollars more for this unit.

Hope this helps.


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