Before: This is how I was cutting sliding dovetails and rabbets by hand.

I have actually been reducing a whole lot of large-scale moving dovetails and rabbets recently. And when these housed joints reach a particular dimension (think of a dovetail outlet that is 4″ broad and 30″ long) it’s far more efficient to saw out the walls manually.

When I require the rabbets or sliding syncs to be bang-on, I secure a batten to my job to lead the saw. I make use of a vertical batten for rabbets as well as a tilted one for moving syncs.

After. The small pusher block makes all the difference.

The only difficult part concerning the joint is maintaining the sawplate against the batten. Typically I utilize my fingers, however it’s simple to obtain the pointers of your fingers shredded if you typically aren’t cautious.

After that I saw a little method in an age English woodworking publication that activated a lightbulb: Utilize a block of timber to push the sawplate to the batten. I started doing this in June, and also it quickly made the joint easier to cut and also much more exact.

Provide it a shot.

Popular Woodworking Publication” Chris Schwarz Blog

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