Bandsaw Box

1. Started with a 3” by 6” by 3” 4 block of wood (alder)
2. I drew the outline of my box onto the block of wood.
3. I cut 1/4” off the back of the block and set it aside.
4. I drew the shape of the drawer onto the box and cut it out.
5. Once the drawer was out, I glued the back onto the body and clamped it. Sanded prior to glueing.
7. Drawer- cut 1/4” off the back and front and labeled. Then i cut out the inside, leaving 1/4” walls
8. I glued the drawer back together and kept the inside to make a handle.
9. I made the inside of the drawer into a handle.
10. I sanded the body of the drawer.
11. I applied antique cherry stain to my box.
12. I applied 3 coats of gloss poly acrylic.

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