Best tool money I've spent in a long time

I will add my .02 and second the love for this air compressor.

I’ve had several Porter Cable pancake compressors, mostly a special included with a nail gun purchase from the big box store. Like everyone else this has produced a love/hate relationship. Love the light weight and portability but hate the racket.

Since we purchased the house were in I’ve been working on setting up shop in the garage and I was thrilled when my boss let me buy a big Porter Cable air compressor that we weren’t using at work. I thought to myself “This will be better” yeah right…

I get in trouble with the wife because I will be working in the garage and forget to turn the compressor off and when it fills up at 1:00 in the morning you can hear it throughout the whole house.

I’ve been putting up with these issues for three years until now. Stopped in to a local supply for some sandpaper, I’m build an altar and prayer rail for a local church (side work). My little PC pancake is so annoying that I bought another 100’ hose to put the thing outside. Talking with my salesman about my problems he steered me to this beautiful little Rolair.

This compressor solves all my issues.
1. It runs my nailers fine.
2. If I forget to turn it off nobody knows. When I hauled it into the chapel the Vicar gave me a dirty look until I turned it on, then he gave me his most angelic smile.
3. Oil-free, no worries about taking it someplace nice.
4. Sturdy little roll cage, no more broken gauges.

2. Induction motor, powerful enough to top off the tank in seconds (also the reason for all the quiet it makes).
3. Durable, induction motors last forever compared to others.
4. MADE IN AMERICA, my money went to a local business and eventually ever left the United States.

For me five out of five!

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