Bose Hearing protection

I work in IT as a primary source of income and can spend a lot of time in the data center. I have a very nice set of Peltor Optime 105 ear muffs and it was I that brought them into the work place originally because I use them at home when running the power equipment – I rate these at 5 stars as well.

A few months ago, I have noticed a change to my hearing, never a good thing because slow degradation does not trigger a change in the brain. I got tested and found that I have lost a frequency range about that of the blowers in the data center. It seems that as good as the Peltor muffs are, they have not been good enough for my environment. The search for something better was on!

By chance, I was walking by a Bose store and they were having a sale – Bose? Sale? – cool!

I remembered that they have a noise canceling headphone but, like most Bose’s products, they can be a bit pricey – let’s be real – expensive! My wife, who does not like going in their store because they are expensive, took my arm and dragged me into the store, saying, “your hearing is more than worth it.” We went through the “show” and bought these to take to work (and yes, I take them home every night). At work, I sometimes wear them with an iPod and listen to music and if people get loud, I turn on the noise cancellation – and all you hear is really clear music, don’t even hear the phone.

Last night I had to resaw some wood for a spice rack that I am making for my better half and decided to try the Bose instead of using the Peltor. I already had the dust collector on, turned on the noise cancel and the dust collector went away, started resawing the cherry and barely heard that. Took them off and put the Peltor on. The Peltor was a little more than twice as loud and I could hear the dust collector. I finished cutting the wood with the Bose on and decided that these were a really good choice and worth the money (and batteries for the noise cancellation).

Bottom line – if you are making noise and don’t want to hear it – get them, they ARE worth not losing your hearing.

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