Boss CNC Routercad Autocabinets Information Review

I decided to purchase a BOSS CNC router to be the center piece of my cabinet manufacturing shop.
I purchased the router based on video reviews I found on youtube claiming that the router was wonderful and had great customer service.
After purchasing the router, I found I had been duped. The videos I based my decision on were made by BOSS CNC Routercad employees.
One of the video makers named Lance was the guy that came to install the router.

After 6 months of operating the router, it basically fell apart. It was a nightmare attempting to get
anyone to come repair the router. First they claimed I needed an “isolated ground” to the chasis of the router due to static causing relays to trip.
So I drove an 8? ground rod through 6 inches of reinforced concrete 12? from the router and bonded 8GA wire to the chasis.
After that did not solve the erratic behaviours of the router,
they then began to continuously blame it on me and my “novice” operating skills and my “inferior tool strategies”. But I was using the software they provided.

The autocabinets software is just as bad. I experienced numerous crashes, freezes and instability. The predefined paths are were incorrect,
which they DID provide updates for, granted. But only after weeks of waiting. The software will randomly add lines of uneccesary G-Code costing waisted time on the table.
The router also does erratic things like plunging in to the spoilboard and crashing into the tool changers when doing tool changes and randomly losing its z offset.

Due to these major problems, I was extorted to sell out my share in the company.
Since, a campaign has been launched by the folks at routercad Boss CNC routers to dress up their problems. The person in the second video is Keith Edmunds, my former partner.
Keith has absolutely no woodworking experience and no clue how to operate the software or the router. He is blantantly lying in his video and it is apparent he is being led in his responses.

Using your God given powers of discernment, analyze the videos posted by Tony Shaw at Routercad Boss CNC Routers to easily see that this is a struggling company producing a sub-par product at a ridiculously high price.

Are you considering purchasing a BOSS CNC router?
Consider this video first

Please feel free to email me at with any questions you may have. I will be absolutly honest with you about my experience to help you to avoid the same mistake.

I posted the videos here.

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