Branding iron on the go.

Branding iron
on the go

Do I need a branding iron on the go?
Naaaaaa…… but it’s one of those things that just needed me.
For others, it can be a fair priced way of getting a branding iron for your tools and projects.

So what is this thing?
A small 3D printed object that can be mounted on your BIG lighter and like this it will be able to make you smoke and look smoking hot (also wait for quite some time before it gets hot).
But: the iron gets too hot and melt the lighter, worst case a explosion, in my case just a BIG that did not work…

So: I made a wee rebuild to fit it onto a torch type lighter, like this I could speed up the heating part and mount it in a way where it did not get to hot and still worked as it should.
So yes a wee rebuild and it is a cool object.

Here an example of a branding.

So my jodgement…
As a branding iron for BIG lighters – failed, not even a star.
As a cheapo on the go branding iron after a wee rebuilding – super cool, four stars.
So three is what it gets.

Found mine here:

Happy burning.

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