Does what it's supposed to do...  with a bit of frustration

They say hind sight is 20/20.

I recently bought this because my stand alone Craftsman (diecast deluxe router table and cabinet) was taking up too much space in my one car garage and with the recent purchase of my Delta 36-5000, I needed all the space possible. So, I sold the Craftsman and rather than take the money to build a router table between the saw’s rails, I bought the Bosch. And the reason why I choose this is because the table is exactly 27 inches and with some modifications, I was able to install it into my saw.

Upon receiving the router, I foolishly went to work unpacking and modifying the table before actually assembling and seeing if I actually like it. Opps!

The table itself is a cast aluminum table that has been minimally processed. Absolutely no machining (drilling and tapping) to it what so ever. Just painted and the top has been rough sanded to worse than a 250 rated machine finish. The router plate is fastened by nuts and bolts just as the leveling jacks are nuts and flathead machine screws are housed in a cast hex shaped recess. (Cheesy) The miter slot is 3/4 wide WITHOUT a t-slot and loosely accepts the standard miter gauge. And at the bottom are keyhole slots for a feather board (cool!) There isn’t much of a variety of inserts either. You get 1 inch, 2 inch, and 2-3/4 inch that doesn’t sit flush.
The router fence is secured via 1/4 inch slots with carriage bolts….without keyhole slots. (C’mon! Really???)
The fence itself is extruded aluminum angle stock with laminated mdf board. Above is a recessed t-track for feather boards and other accessories. The feather boards come with very clumsy spacers because of said recess. (See picture)

In conclusion, it seems that Bosch made a router table as cheep as possible. Saving money in the manufacturing and passing the time they saved on to us by constantly having to fumble with their product. Does it hold a router? Yes. Can you use the table to complete a project? Yes. I feel at $ 180 you can get alot more. Maybe I’m just spoiled by my Old Craftsman? In my opinion, you’re just better off building your own router table, or spend an extra $ 50 and buy the Craftsman.

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