Dustless Hand Sanding

I have pretty good dust collection in my shop until it comes to hand sanding. Then there has been no dust collection at the point of creation and the air filter goes full blast over my head. However, that means that the dust I create goes right by my nose and I wake up coughing during the night.

Today, that changed! This ergonomically shaped Mirka Abranet Vac Block sanding block with built in dust collection collected the dust so well that I couldn’t smell the walnut I was working on. It includes an adapter to attach to a couple different shop vac hoses and fit mine very well. The Vac Block almost made hand sanding pleasurable. 😉

An added bonus is that it requires the use of Mirka’s Abranet sanding mesh products. Based on my experience today, they cut very fast. Time will tell how well they last.

I am a very happy camper! 🙂

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