Good measurements, a bit of a break in period. (Updated review)

Earlier this week, I picked up one of these calipers as the battery on my old Neiko caliper had died and I wasn’t sure how to find a replacement (Since figured it out, but having a spare caliper can be a good thing!)

Simply put, comparing this against my known good Neiko 01412A Pro-Quality Digital Caliper with LCD Screen and Standard/Metric/Fraction Conversion, Stainless Steel 6” caliper (as verified against a mess of higher end known good calipers and standards).

The Pittsburgh caliper will measure within .001”, however that is where it fluctuates, so your measurements will be +/- .001”.

Now mind you, we are working with wood, not machining metal racing engine parts, so the tolerances here should be perfectly acceptable to all but the most fine scale woodworkers.

The fit and finish of my particular caliper is a couple of steps below the Neiko unit I have been using for several years.

Simply put, for a mere $ 2.00 more, and a couple of days wait for shipping, you can get the MUCH higher quality Neiko unit from Amazon

I had heard many good reviews on the Pittsburgh unit so I felt it was worth a gamble, especially since I have gotten plenty of decent workable tools from HF, but this particular instrument is simply put, a disappointment.

So due to some of the responses I got here, I tried something, working the caliper back and forth across the rails repeatedly for about 5 minutes, sort of letting metal hone metal kind of thing. The result?
Zero is zero, .001 is no longer +/- .001 but actually .001. It now matches the Neiko caliper.

All told, from what I am seeing it is accurate after some wear to the rough slide surfaces. Not sure what that means to long term durability, but for my uses it will be more than adequate.

Now, in some ways, I like the Pittsburgh better than my Neiko, for starters, it has an SAE fractional setting the Neiko lacks, the battery seems to be the same size, which is good, I can buy a multi pack and call it good! Honestly the Pittsburgh looks to be in many aspects just a lower grade fit and finish wise from the Neiko, and again, with the rails worked back and forth, whatever was causing the fluctuation is GONE.

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