How to Win a Customer's Loyalty

This is more a review of Freud’s customer service rather than the SD508 itself.

First, a short background: I’m a total beginner – I have no background in woodworking or family in construction or anything of the sort. I started hobby woodworking about a year ago.

My start in woodworking was delayed a bit because I firmly believe in buying quality products once, instead of less precise stuff that leaves me with upgrade-itis down the road. So I saved my pennies and bought a SawStop and the Freud SD508 to go with it in January 2015.

I had big plans – shop cabinets, built-ins etc., but life gets busy. So in the last year I completed some picture frames, wainscoting, and some cutting boards. (I was humbled!) Anyway, the point is that I barely used the SD508, other than to cut a couple of rabbets for picture frames etc. I never cut anything that required precise dado width.

Last week I started my first shop cabinet. I followed the included chart to get the correct dado width. (The chart is excellent, by the way.) I ran some test pieces and my dado width was way off. I checked and re-checked but couldn’t find my mistake. Finally, I checked the dado chippers with my caliper and they were all 3/32” thick rather than the expected 1/8”, 3/32” and 1/16”. I thought I must be crazy or mis-measuring. Nope; after measuring 15 times and checking the Googles, still nothing.

Of course my reaction was GRRRRR I bought this thing a year ago. This is going to be a problem.

The next day I called Freud. A friendly person answered the phone and got me right to technical support. The tech I spoke to sounded skeptical (understandably), but said they’d be happy to look at it. So I put it in the mail last week.

Overly anxious (I’m terrible at waiting), I called this week to check on it. The tech said, “Yep, you were right. We swapped out the chippers and it’s on its way back to you.” Awesome.

It showed at my door this morning. Not only did Freud send the correct chippers, but the Company provided me with an entirely new dado set! While my original set was barely used, I still expected some questions and maybe a bit of hassle because it was a full year old and I had never reported the problem. Nope – nothing at all. Just a new set and a really happy customer.

So the performance of the SD508 is great, but more importantly, I’m really happy to do business with a company that has great employees, cares about its customers, and stands behind its products. Awesome job, Freud, and you have won a customer’s loyalty big-time.

I’m starting to look at new miter saw blades. Freud will be at the top of my list.

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