intarsa type picture

I used the same pattern for all three pictures. Not all three are exactly the same though. I changed the birds and a few other things as I would get to those areas as I was scrollsawing the pieces out. I used a metal cutting scrollsaw blade because they are much thinner to keep the gap less noticeable. These blades are .012 inches thick. Being so small I broke 12 blades on the biggest picture. The pattern I started with was only 5 inches tall so by the time I enlarged it to size it was very blurry. The largest picture is 18 1/2” in diameter which the Dewalt 788 would just barely cut that big. For coloring the wood I used printers ink that is sold as a cheap refill for the home printers. This ink is really cheap at garage sales cause people screw up their printers trying to save money then clog up those tiny holes. Only the buttons on the large picture is not the ink , I used gold spray for them, the rest of the colors are the ink. These 6 bottles was 50 cents and mostly full. The middle size picture is thinned down water colors. Also coming from garage sales…
Again I used Ash wood. I still have to glue the pieces in on the largest picture.. This is the hardest part of making a picture like this…Trying to place the pieces in the right place before the glue sets up..

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