King Japanese Nagura Stone # 8000

King Japanese Nagura Stone #8000

  • Made use of as one of the preferred devices for finer honing stones
  • This item is the only authentic nagura rock manufactured as well as offered by King.They create a top quality slurry as well as serve to squash high areas externally of sharpener After leaking water to the whetstone, massage the Nagura(which consists of the abrasive). After that a good slurry develops and also it accelerates
  • the polishing. Dimension: 2.8″L x 0.8 “W x 0.9 “H Nagura is a soft ultra-fine stone that is utilized to create

an abrasive slurry externally of the Japanese waterstone which quickens grinding and also polishes the edge at the exact same time. Is available in a form of a tiny rectangle-shaped bar, 2.75 “x0.9” x0.7 “. Weight 2 oz. Market price:$9.99 Rate


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