Lidded Box

The body is some kind of Mahogany, I believe, though, in this light, it sure looks to me like Padauk. For the lid, I stacked four pieces of contrasting wood -Ficus; Cocobolo; the same Mahogany; Hard Maple.
Now, a “musical interlude” It’s what I have on YT, while posting this. You’re welcome.

Where’s the Maple?
The thing broke. Twice. I only felt like fixing it once.
It was to be a small “skull cap,” on top of an oval k’nob.
I finished it with a simple treatment of Howard’s. Woke it up very nicely, and made it smell good.
I photographed it with a different background than my usual black T-shirt. (I’m working on my drawing skills.)
I started this piece yesterday, as a head-clearing exercise. (I need that sometimes.) It was inspired by the news that LJ Bob Hamilton, turner, had left the planet. I’d never heard of Bob, so I visited his YT Channel. I saw, there, a nine-part series wherein he makes a lidded box, a thing I’ve had some experience with, but not for some time. Bob made it look so easy that I had to make one the way he did it. The last one of these I made took at least a week. This one totaled, mebees, three hours, over two days.
So, this piece is thanks to Bob. We hardly knew ye.
And now, I’ll ask Josh to play us out.
You’re welcome. And, I apologize.

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