Lidded-ded Box

This little (4” Tall) Lidded-ded Box is made of Sycamore. The lid is also Sycamore. The lid on the lid is Mahogany and Spalted Maple. It’s finished in BLO and Shellac. The lid has a secret compartment. Hence, the lid on the lid. The lid’s lid started as two hunks of wood, Spalted Maple and Mahogany, each about 15/16” thick by about 2-1/2” by about 3-1/2”. Yeah. It as a lot of work. I’m pleased with it.
I spent as much time editing these photographs as I spent making the piece. The black t-shirt I’ve mentioned as traditionally being my photographic backdrop turned gray because I laundered it. So, instead of being able to simply tweak the contrast to make any dust or lint spots go away, leaving a jet-black background, I had to click click click a lasso around the piece (around 100 clicks per shot) to make the background I wanted. I think I’ll change backdrops for the next piece.

Would it kill you to acquire a bit of velvet?

Mebees. You never know.

By way of acknowledging where I got the idea for a lidded box with a secret compartment, I include a video of a master of the technique. I have to go find it. Wait here a minute…
It took me awhile, but I found it. It’s in two parts.

My lids don’t fit as tightly as his. I’ll do better next time.
And, oh. There’s a captive ring. I was, however, able to get them to balance together in a photogenic way.

There’s a view of the secret compartment in the lid, with the lid’s lid, balanced on the lid’s side.

And, just cause I feel it behooves me to spread the musical love, a little tune, to play us out.

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