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Needed a better place for my miter saw, and the cabinet designed by John Heisz at seemed to be ideal for my situation. I only have a basic 10” Hitachi compound miter saw, but hope to upgrade to a slider at some point in the future. This cabinet can hold up to the largest models. Easy to make and modify for my space. And perfect project to use scraps and recycled wood for. I have plenty of 3/8 plywood from the house i tore down a few years ago, which was ideal for this project, even though he uses 1/4. I also used Jay Bates’ idea for the wings, instead of John’s to give better usage of the back section. It is sitting on casters 2 fixed, 2 swivel, no lock.

Have been using the cabinet while buttoning the finish work and the lack of sawdust all around the saw pleases me much. 75% of the dust is captured by the upper cabinet and ends up in the drawer underneath, without any dust collection system hooked up. I have started plumbing up a 2” shop vac with dust deputy system which i hope will capture even more, though i still have work to do on it.

The sides provide some vertical storage that my shop is lacking, for clamps like i have mounted on the left side.

Right side will likely be used for my straightedges, levels, squares, etc as i have a bench with drawers that i need to access to over there.

John used the bottom of his just to store saw blades on the “doors”. I already have a place to store blades. I need all the storage i can get, so i made real doors for mine. Currently have some of my dust collection stuff shoved under there until i figure out its best use.

Was a fun build, though still some things to finish up, like a right wing.

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