Among my favored devices from the Studley device cabinet are his register calipers, which are displayed prominently on the right-hand side of the cabinet. These calipers were usual in the late 19th and also early 20th centuries, however dropped out of favor when dial calipers became cost-effective.

Because very first coming across these securing calipers I began using them in my store (and also at the lumberyard) for a vast selection of duties. They are great for inspecting switchings, mortise sizes and (certainly) stock thickness. They gauge within as well as outside measurements and also are much a lot more compact compared to carrying around a 6″ dial caliper in your store apron. They also are much more durable– dial calipers are vulnerable and also vulnerable.

Now Woodpeckers has actually upgraded the register caliper and is offering it in stainless-steel with brass parts. Several original calipers were nickel-plated, which flakes off as well as makes them difficult to check out. The measurements on the Woodpeckers version are laser-engraved for clarity.


The calipers are supplied in two sizes: 3″ and also 4-1/2″ (they are additionally supplied in metric). The tools are made in the Usa. These are “once” devices that Woodpeckers takes orders for ahead of time as well as after that ships them when they are made. Order by Nov. 9, 2015. These will be ready in March 2016.

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