My favorite Reader Safety Glasses so Far

I’ve been surprised at how much I dislike the fit of most safety glasses. Maybe I have an odd head/nose, but most fit oddly and are not comfortable for long periods of time. One complication is that I require readers lenses. I only require 2.0 or 2.5, but i prefer using 3.0 because I figure if I’m going to have some magnification, I might as well really have some benefit from it.

Up to this point, my favorite safety glasses have been 3M Tekk safety glasses, but I couldn’t get them on Amazon in 3.0. So I decided to try these Elvex glasses figured they were worth the $ 11.99 price tag.

I love these glasses. A lot of safety glasses seem to have sharp edges or fit oddly. These fit more like sport sunglasses that I’m used to. The magnification works well—I did get them in 3.0. I even like the way they look. They’re light and comfortable—I highly recommend, especially for the price.

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