Oneida Mini Gorilla

Took a couple weeks to get dust collector. Not bad. Had some hesitation with housing being plastic. Then again car intake manifolds have been plastic for a long time. It is very light. Putting it together took some patience. There are many fasteners. It would have been good to segregate them to make finding them easier. Didn’t expect to be drilling holes or applying a peel and stick gaskets. Not a big deal. Could/should have been done by manufacturer. I was surprised to find a Leeson motor in place of the Baldor expected. Thought Baldor was advertised but don’t see now. Pretty sure that is what was in the FWW article. Assembled the unit and flipped it on. Heard a hum and then circuit dead. This happened twice. Called tech support and they were helpful. Took the motor off (9 bolts) and found impeller stuck. Turned it by hand and it freed up. While the motor was out, took the opportunity to tighten carriage bolts that hold legs on. This could be better designed. Carriage bolts are not the right fastener. Should have a square hole if they are used. Also, they should be longer so you can use vise grips to hold bolt while turn nut. The friction is not enough to keep bolt from turning. Putting the motor on takes patience as the housing is not metal. The threaded holes can move. Got it all together. Again.. Got some hose and adapters. Have to admit. The machine works really well. I always had trouble with the bandsaw (Laguna 16HD) dust. Very capable machine for resawing but makes a ton of dust. This machine captured it. Overall, at the moment I am very happy. Knocking one star off for the issues encountered and not having the Baldor. Probably would give 4 1/2.

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