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I felt the need to write a review of Penn State Industries customer service department.

I have owned a DC2000-Y single stage dust collector for about 5 years now. This review is in no way a reflection of the quality of the collector, which I think is fantastic. Never had any problems with the machine itself.

Recently, I decided it was time to upgrade from the cloth bag filters, to a canister type filter with the plastics lower bags.

After a cursory search online on many sources, and through browsing Penn State’s website, there was no information that directly linked their aftermarket filter with a specific model of dust collector. I.e. This filter fits model a,b,c, etc. in all cases customers asking for specifics were told to measure the rim of their machine for 19.5” or in that ball park.

Silly man that I am, I did not want to have to take either the lower or upper bag off my machine to measure. Anyone that has messed with these bags knows the horror of spilling fine dust everywhere and having to struggle with band clamps to get the thing back on correctly.

So, I first emailed the company, asking if th filters they listed and bags they listed fit my DC2000-Y collector specifically.

And I waited…

After a couple days of no response, I decided to call. The nice lady that answered the phone probably had a panic attack when I asked such a “technical” question and had me transferred to the tech support line in a matter of seconds. Once again I asked if the bags and filters listed on tech sight were compatible with the DC2000-y dust collector. The gentleman responded that they MIGHT fit, but that I should measure the rim of my collector to check. He then proceeded to quote me a price which was different than what was listed on the site.


Maybe I am over-reacting? I am an engineer by trade and perhaps I am used to manufacturers knowing their products well, but shouldn’t the company tech support employees know the dimensions of their machines? Shouldn’t it be second nature for them to know that a certain filter will fit a certain model machine? If I wanted to go measure my machine, then there would be no reason for my call, would there?

I am not going to beg someone to earn my business and take my money, so I moved on. The cost of the filter is $ 195 plus $ 70 shipping by the way. Maybe that doesn’t qualify as a large enough purchase to get some help?

Now, about two weeks after my initial email, someone finally decided to respond to the message and give me the information I requested. Too bad they waited so long.

I ended up purchasing a filter kit from Oneida Air for a little less money. Got great information, detailed assembly, all the gaskets, a 0.3 micron filter for less money. At the end of the day I got exactly what I wanted,

The difference being I got it from a company that worked to get my money….

Please feel free to comment, I want to see how people feel about this and whether I am over reacting.


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