Resaw Fence

I’m planning on doing some re-sawing in the near future so I needed a fence for the band saw. As always I went to the scrap bin to see what I had. Came up with some nice pieces of half inch plywood, so I started building. I’m not real sure if I like the lock down that I put on it. It does lock it in place but, if I’m not careful when locking down it will move on me. That’s why the lock handle hasn’t been finished yet, it may get reworked. I put a 3/8” x 1/4” bushing in under the bolt just so it would pivot easier. Also put the white Formica on the top side of the lock for the same reason. I’m just hoping that after I use it some the lock will wear down a little and not move the fence while locking down. We will see!

Thanks for looking!!!!

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