Rigid R2601 Random Orbital Sander

I received my Rigid Orbital sander for Christmas this year and since then have had a chance to put it to good use on several projects. It’s my first Orbital Sander so I can’t compare it to other models based on personal experience but my choice was based on internet research that showed it to be among the best on the market at this time. Overall I would say it has fulfilled my expectations and I think my old Craftsmen palm sander is likely to start collecting a lot of dust in the future.

The first question of course with a sander is how well it performs its intended task and in my judgement it’s a very solid performer. The variable speed control and soft start features allow you to use it on a wide range of materials from pre-sanded plywood that only needs a mild touchup (and which is very easy to sand through) to course construction grade materials where you have to do a bit of work before you have a smooth surface. I do find that on rough or uneven material it wants to take off a bit but I suspect that is a characteristic of an orbital sander.

I have found that even after using it for an extended period my hand doesn’t feel numb or tired. It’s not of course 100% vibration free but on the whole I find it remarkably smooth. The Power on/off switch is nicely recessed in comfortable molded top. It well works well and only once have I inadvertently switched it off while in use.

The dust collection is good even when not hooked up to a vacuum and very good when hooked to a shop vac. The performance of the dust collection system might just be this sander’s best attribute.

Overall I am giving the sander 5 stars. It is not only a very capable sander but its comfortable and has excellent dust collection.

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