Sawstop epic fail with UPS in close second

So I’d love to offer an detailed review of my new sawstop sliding crosscut table with my brand new pcs, except it appears impossible to get one shipped to my residence intact. The saw I got, no issues, crosscut table, not so much.

The first one came in a box that looked like it was dropped of the back of a truck, multiple times and had been run over for good measure. UPS sucks, I thought. Open it up and the corners of the table and the fence were dinged, like you would expect if you dropped a heavy aluminum extrusion on a concrete floor. The stop knob button was broken half off, along with various other dings and scratches. The pics above are typical for the first one, and the replacement.

No foam inserts in the packaging. They basically just toss the thing in a box and ‘ship it!’. Wonder what happens when a 90lb box gets shipped UPS? The pics above were from the second one I received today after woodcraft put the replacement into a larger box and attempted to pack it better. This one was even worse than the first. Now I’m not blaming woodcraft for this, they have been responsive and helpful, and while UPS is no doubt complicit, sawstop just half assed this so badly I can’t believe it’s the same company that made my saw.

The second one got dropped so hard that the stop, which the sawstop rep in that youtube video said ‘we really worked hard on this so it will stand up to repeated harsh treatment’ has about 1/16” of play in the ‘locked’ position. The pin is about as tight as a really loose tooth and feels about the same. The slot it goes into has nice circular divot from the impact.

They ship it with lock pin in place, so it’s free to get whacked and broken like the pic above, or when the thing gets dropped by UPS enough to bend it. The reason they do this? Because there is nothing to keep the two halves together when it ships in the packaging. The end of the box would get blown out with the first drop.

I would like to blame UPS, but seriously, how realistic is it to believe that a 90lb box won’t get dropped? Every other piece of anything I buy always comes with the foam inserts, or at least with the popcorn. I’m really bummed because I actually want the damn thing and I just don’t know how many times I can send it back because there is just no way it arrives intact with the way they are packaging it.

I’ve contacted sawstop support, and If they somehow fix it so I can actually get one that isn’t damaged I’ll change my rating, but the guy that approved that design needs to be flipping burgers.

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