Shop Time

Got a chance to work in the wood shop this holiday weekend. Made a few things and wanted to share them with the LJ people.

Always making pens: Red one is African Padauk, Green one is a Rutland wood Neon Green, not to be had anymore. Rutland burnt down to the ground 2 Decembers ago. The brown one is a Rutland “Coffee”, the orange one is a new and good laminated wood from Spectra Ply, bright colors and no complaints yet with the quality. These are on PSI slim lines.

Two of these pens are sold orders, the Pink one and Blue and Black, Rutland woods in the PSI Gatsby pen kit, which I am liking a lot and have been selling the most of.

What makes these pens special other than the woods, is that I finished them in sprayed on High Gloss Conversion Varnish. The finished product is very hard and durable, and looks like they are wet. I have people hesitate touching this finish because they think that it is still wet.

The two handled items are Nostepinne’s. The Nostepinne is a neat tool that finds its roots from Scandinavia. A tool used to wind a ball of yarn. It functions as the center of the ball while you wind the yarn around it. Once you have wound the ball, you slide it off the Nostepinne. Then you can pull the yarn from the center, the outside, or both. It goes by Nostepinne, Nostepinde, and Nosty. I sell a few of them. The first one is a Curley maple handled with a wonderful piece of Ziricote wood. The second one is fitted with a Turkish Walnut handle, with super hard Marble wood. Again all spray finished with High Gloss Conversion Varnish.

Thanks for taking the time to share this workshop time with me.

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