If your repainted finish really feels a little rough, you need to go to the liquor store.

OK, that doesn’t make feeling, so let’s support a several weeks when I was educating a lot of young woodworkers how you can create a tool upper body by hand at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

After building the 18 breasts, we completed many of them with milk paint, a modern and also quite simple means to paint furniture and indoor trim. We got a number of bags of milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. and afterwards blended the powder.

I have actually been utilizing powdered milk paint for around 20 years, as well as my initial step when mixing the paint is to discard the producer’s instructions. The main directions makes paint that is also thick for my preference.

I blend the paint with 2 parts warm water to one part paint– and also I could thin it also a little even more compared to that. (The majority of instructions suggest 1:1– too thick for me.) I dump the water as well as powder right into a mason container and tremble it for 10 mins. I allow the mix sit for 20 to Thirty Minutes. Then I stress it with cheesecloth to make certain there are no swellings (but there almost never ever are).

Then I roll on the paint with a foam sponge roller and massage therapy the specifics with a natural-bristle brush.

If I want a clear surface that I can see the wood grain through, I apply one coat of paint just.

If I want a finish that reveals a tip of wood grain, I utilize two coats.

If I desire a strong color, three coats.

The real method to milk paint is what you do after you apply the paint. If you are making use of several coats of paint, sand the paint in between coats with a # 320-grit sanding sponge. If you are using just one layer, nevertheless, don’t make use of the sanding sponge. That will certainly get rid of also much pigment.

Await the paint to completely dry overnight. Then brush the entire task with the palm of your hand to eliminate any type of big portions of pigment on the surface.

Now go to the alcohol shop. Get something (anything) that they will place in a brownish paper bag. Take the bag to the store and also fold it like a sheet of sandpaper and scrub the whole task strongly. That will certainly smooth as well as burnish the paint without removing off pigment. I think you’ll marvel exactly how smooth as well as touchable an area is produced by a paper bag.

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