Three Wooden Spatulas - Burning The Midnight Oil

So, these are my christmas gifts for 2015. These went out to my sisters and mother today, very well received. Overall a simple project based off the oak spoon in picture 3, something my mother liked and picked up at a store at some point, and I decided I could do better. It wasn’t quite as simple as that, sadly enough, hit a few bumps in the road due to lack of forethought and some rushed decisions. Before I get too deep into my sob story, They’re mainly walnut with maple, cherry, and purpleheart accents. The original plans were for solid walnut, which was done until I cracked off a part of one in the roughing out stage. Ugh. Well, as with everything I make for the women in my family, they had to match in some way or another, so that led me to taking some sweet sweet alone time with my great-grandfather’s #4 to get some flat slides. I glued on the purpleheart, cherry, and maple scraps from a cutting board project I completed last year, and the walnut was extra from my bed frame project (original design of mine, coming soon). The asymmetry came from the fact that I got a little excited planing the sides (whoops). But after that, it was smooth sailing aside from the fact that I had to saw off most of the waste by hand while in a hurry, but all the final shaping was done by my little hand belt sander, which tried to eat my shirt a time or two (user error and safety violation, but guess what, I did this entire project shoeless too so lets not pretend safety is my specialty). I hand sanded to 320 after the belt sander and used 0000 steel wool afterwards. By this time it was about 4:00 A.M. Christmas Morn, so I did forget to get pictures of them with the mineral oil on them, sadly enough. They looked great. If anyone’s too interested, I can probably get pictures of them with oil on them. All in all, a fun project, and I think I’ll make a few more for my aunts before we visit them for new years, this time solid wood (hopefully) though.

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