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For years I had been getting away with my Black and Decker Jig Saw, and honestly I hated it. Then I saw a You tube video of a guy demonstrating an orbital jigsaw. So I finally broke out my wallet and bought a new Jigsaw, I was looking at several different models and decided on the Porter cable, The price was with in my range, I have and older Porta Cable Jig saw (when I say older, I mean it is older than me and still works great, except I can’t find that style of blades so I use her very sparingly) so I know they are reliable and built to last, So on with the review. I will start with the Pro’s first
1. The handle is perfectly ergonomically designed, which makes cutting easier.
2. It has the perfect amount of power for any cutting project.
3. It can accept both types of shank types. (T/U)
4. three orbital jig saw positions on the side which makes selection easy to change on the fly.
The Con’s (I regrettably admit there are cons for such a great tool. Sorry Porta Cable)
-1. This model is a variable speed Jig Saw, the problem with this is the placement of the speed control knob,
it is on the trigger it self, which can make changing the speed difficult on the fly, I would have preferred the knob on top that could be operated with the thumb.
-2. there is no on board blade storage, even my cheap black and decker had one.
-3. to change the bevel you need to do it the old fashioned way, some of the other models I looked at had a quick release leaver.
My overall review of this model is 4 stars overall, as far as value of the product it gets an A+, for ease of use A+
for the perfect balance of ease of use and power A+++.

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