Track Saw

Used my Festool track saw Model TS-75-EQ for the first time today. This is by far the very best tool that is in my collection. If I could give it a 10 out of 5 that would be my rating. I have a good quality 10” Cabinet saw, General Canada and the cut from that compared to the Festool does not even compare.

I had cut a couple pieces of 3/4” cabinet grade plywood with Maple veneer at 21-1/2” on my cabinet saw and when the pieces were stacked together you could feel a slight variance in widths, which is totally inadequate. I then decided to trim the pieces down to 21” with my new track saw, I stacked the two pieces and cut them together and was I ever impressed. I ran a fine tooth blade and there was not one chip in the ripping or cross cuts. The pieces I cross cut were 7’ in length and I used a 118” one piece rail which gave lots of extra length. I used the 32” rail for making the 21” cross cuts and found that it worked but seemed just a little short by the time the saw enters and exits the cut.

There was a little bit of a learning curve with the first time use, and what that was is the way I had the plywood laid out on my cutting bed. The saw has a riving knife that follows the blade down when making the plunge cut, and what happened was the riving knife made contact with the styrofoam and lifted the saw slightly off the track and I had a minor kickback. This is entirely my fault and that will never happen again. When using the plunge cut saws always make sure there are no obstructions to interfere. Once again GREAT tool and the next one on the list is the Festool Domino joiner.

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