Each and every week, I put in the time to read the comments that my readers make about my woodworking blog site. First of all I wish to them for taking the time to comment, I actually appreciate all of the comments and recommendations. This past week there was a remark from a gentleman, who expressed a desire to get into woodworking. As a person who is enthusiastic about woodworking, I desire to invite him to the fold. And I wish to offer him all the suggestions and encouragement possible in his endeavors.

Over this previous weekend I happened to spend some time in the shop of another woodworker, and he and I got to speaking about the problems that a brand-new woodworker faces. The more we talked, the more we ended up being persuaded that lots of brand-new woodworker actually make it harder on themselves to become a successful woodworker than needed. Now I know that you are not going to let me get away with making a declaration like that without some explanation.

There are normally two manner ins which a person moves into woodworking. The very first group of people is those who grew up in an environment that consisted of woodworking. These are the men and gals whose dad, grandfather, or other relative or next-door neighbor was associated with woodworking. And as time went on, they either inherited their woodworking tools from these folks, or because woodworkers are an opinionated group, had currently found out the value of having quality tools. My remarks do not apply to this group.

They do nevertheless use to a 2nd group of brand-new woodworkers. This is the group that includes those who one day choose for whatever factor that they desire to end up being a woodworker. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they have just moved into a new house and see lots of jobs that they could take on, if only they enjoyed woodworking. Whatever the motivation, I feel that there is absolutely nothing incorrect with that idea; in truth I think it’s great. But exactly what typically occurs next is the issue. The brand-new woodworker is confronted with an issue. As we all understand, to do woodworking she or he needs to invest some difficult money into the tools that woodworking needs. However not being 100% sure that they will really delight in woodworking they hesitate to spend the cash to buy quality tools. And this I feel is where they set themselves up for failure.

When starting, many beginner woodworkers will typically choose the smaller, lighter less pricey tool, be it a tablesaw, miter saw or whatever tool is needed to supplement their workshop. In their thinking, it does not make good sense to invest the cash on a costly tool when they are uncertain that they will actually like doing woodworking. And I can understand that line of thinking. However when they aim to make that precise cut with this tool, the outcomes are typically less than perfect. Why? Well there might be a wide range of factors, the woodworker didn’t set the tool up properly, or the blade/bit was dull, the wood wasn’t secured correctly or perhaps just perhaps the tool was not capable of making the desired cut. However since this accompanied a novice woodworker, there is an extremely strong possibility that the woodworker will blame their own abilities instead of seeing that the issue perhaps with the tool.

At this juncture, one of 2 orders can take place, the woodworker can make the effort to detect the issue and understand that the tool, not they are at fault. Or they can merely quit woodworking, since they feel that they just cannot do it. That they do not possess the abilities needed to be an excellent woodworker. And this is really too bad. Yes, I know about the old adage that an artisan doesn’t blame his tools. However there are times that the tool is the genuine perpetrator.

Returning to the person who wishes to enter woodworking, my advice would be to avoid the cheap tools. I am not promoting buying the most costly tool. I am advocating purchasing the finest tool. Make the effort to look into the tools entirely. Take a look at any among the plethora of woodworking blog sites for their reviews or talk about tools. I know for certainty that any woodworker who is dissatisfied with the performance of a tool will make sure that anyone who will listen knows their sensation about that tool. Similarly, if they have had a great experience with a particular tool, they will let you understand that also.

Simply to clarify, my remarks about making the effort to discover the very best tool, based on all factors not simply rate, uses to all tools. An inexpensively developed hand tool can trigger simply as many headaches for the woodworker a similarly bad power tool.

If you try woodworking and discover that it just isn’t your thing, that’s alright. Woodworking isn’t really for everybody. I simply don’t want anyone to give up attempting woodworking because they have bad tools.

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