Yin Yang Box

So, this was a scrapped together mixed media “idea” of mine. I used Sheila Landry’s yin yang intarsia design and Steve Good’s celtic circular box pattern.

The dots on the yin yang are filled with crushed semiprecious stones and the medallion is hand tooled leather. Yin yang is Birch and Wenge. Box is River Gum, Walnut, and I think I used Lacewood for the center portion of the wall but I can’t really remember.

I was incredibly lazy so the circle is kind of off center where I inlaid the leather medallion. My cheap scroll saw was actually giving me fits cutting the River Gum for some reason, so I tried to sand it to being an actual circle since the edges were a mess after cutting. Consequently, the bottom and top are not quite as big as they were supposed to be.

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